Doubled Heart Attack risk with daily use of E-cigarettes

For many smokers, e-cigarettes are considered a healthier alternative to the classic tobacco cigarette. But the electric evaporators must not be downplayed. The daily consumption of electric cigarettes doubled, according to doctors, the heart attack risk. Not at all harmless The consumption of e-cigarettes has risen sharply in recent years. The question of whether the […]

Fennel Syrup – Use, Preparation and Effect

Fennel syrup is also referred to as fennel honey and is known as a home remedy for use in mild discomfort of the gastrointestinal tract and the respiratory tract. How the syrup can be made, what effects fennel has, how the syrup is to be used, and who should not use it – all of […]

Healthy Raspberries: Rich in Vitamins and Valuable Minerals

Delicious and healthy: Diverse uses of raspberry in the kitchen Raspberries are in this country from June to October season. The red fruits are due to their pleasant sweet taste above all pure pleasure, but they can also be used for summer delicacies such as fruit cake, jams, jellies and juices. Raspberries are rich in […]

Cancer and Green tea!

(By Dr. Matthias Rath) – Apparently it took the self-experiment of a Heidelberg University professor, who healed himself with green tea, to help the breakthrough of the importance of the highly effective natural products contained therein in the fight against cancer and other diseases. Fit with green tea again In the issue of October 5, […]

Pancakes filled with Almond Ricotta and Dried Tomatoes

These pancakes made of spelled flour and oat drink are fluffy-light and also taste unfilled very fine. But the stuffing of almonds, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh herbs makes them a real delicacy. If you forget about the soaking time of the almonds, you can enjoy these pancakes after only 25 minutes. We wish you a […]

Couscous salad from cauliflower

This refreshing and aromatic couscous salad is a wonderful alternative for those who are affected by celiac disease or who eat low carb. In addition, the salad with a preparation time of just 10 minutes is also the ideal dish for a quick, yet full-bodied meal after a stressful day. Couscous is replaced in this […]

Jackfruit: The nutritional values

The jackfruit comes from the tropics. Its original home is Asia, but it is now cultivated in South America. Since the unripe fruit in the cooked state has a meat-like consistency, it is now commercially available as a meat substitute. However, one should not expect meat-like nutritional values ​​at the same time. For the fruit […]

Tomato Sauce: Power for gut Health

If you love tomato sauce in all its variations – pasta, pizza, or simply a dip for a fresh wholegrain bread – then there is good news. Because tomato sauce seems to be exceptionally healthy not only for the prostate, but also for the gut. Spanish researchers announced in April 2018 that tomato sauce promotes […]

Does sunscreen prevent the formation of vitamin D?

Questionable health trends are recurring, but rarely are they as dangerous as this one: Some people deliberately do without sunscreen – for fear of vitamin D deficiency. Does this make sense? In fact, there are articles on the internet that describe sunscreens as a “disruptive factor in vitamin D formation” and advise you to sit […]

Bitter Zucchini, Pumpkins and Cucumbers can be poisonous

It would be better to avoid using zucchini, pumpkins and cucumbers if they taste bitter. Because the bitter substances can have unpleasant or life-threatening effects. The members of the cucurbitaceae family include zucchini, pumpkins and cucumbers. All cucurbits can produce so-called cucurbitacines: bitter substances that have been bred out of the edible varieties. And for […]