When snoring becomes dangerous sleep

Snoring is annoying, nocturnal breathing can be life-threatening. The so-called apneas favor hypertension or diabetes. How to finally keep your throat at rest Trumpets, sawing, pattering or rattling – the vernacular knows many terms for the nocturnal concerts. In fact, snoring and respiratory distress, called apneas by doctors, is widespread. About a quarter of women […]

One egg a day for strokes

Researchers have discovered that one egg a day could potentially lower the risk of stroke For a long time, eggs were demonized as a health hazard. Meanwhile, experts have moved away from it. A recent study even shows that one egg per day could reduce the risk of stroke. For this, researchers from Beijing University […]

Noodle Salad with Tuna Fish

For 4 people 425 kcal per serving, 8 g fat, 17% fat calories, 67 g KH, 65% Preparation time: approx. 25 minutes Ingredients: * 250 g spaghetti * Salt * 1/2 cucumber * each1 yellow and green peppers * 3 tomatoes * 1 can of corn (285g drained weight) * 1 can of tuna in […]

Taste: Green or white asparagus – What makes the difference?

White, green, purple: worth knowing about differences in asparagus The asparagus harvest is currently in full swing. Lots of sunshine in recent weeks has ensured that the quality of the noble vegetables is particularly good. Available are the delicious – and healthy – asparagus spears in different colors. Not all are the same in terms […]

Fast Food Advertising Increases Calorie Intake In Adolescents

Should fast food advertising be banned? Advertising should generally lead people to buy certain products. Researchers have now found that if one adolescent per week sees additional advertising for fast food, it leads to a dramatic side effect: Affected adolescents consume about 18,000 extra calories per year. Researchers at Cancer Research UK have found in […]

Scientists: Rediscovered the healing power of Bananas

Better wound healing: Banana peels instead of patches? Bananas are not only delicious, they are also very healthy. The fruits are rich in minerals and vitamins and ensure a fast energy boost. In some poorer countries, the banana is also used for wound healing. Researchers in Germany have now taken a closer look at the […]

Slimming: Psyllium Husks make almost any diet successful

Helpful fiber: reduce the weight with psyllium husks Be it because you have too much extra pounds on your ribs, want to feel fitter or do something good for your health, there are many reasons why people want to reduce their weight. This can help psyllium husks. But the superfood can do much more. Obesity […]

Dangers to the Dental Health: Chalk Teeth a Stronger Problem Than Previously thought

Molar incisive hypomineralization overtakes tooth decay Already 30 percent of the 12 year olds are affected by the so-called molar incisional hypomineralization (MIH). In children and adolescents in terms of frequency of this tooth disease has already overtaken caries and is thus regarded as a widespread disease. Despite massive prevalence, there is much uncertainty about […]