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Fast Food Advertising Increases Calorie Intake In Adolescents

Should fast food advertising be banned?
Advertising should generally lead people to buy certain products. Researchers have now found that if one adolescent per week sees additional advertising for fast food, it leads to a dramatic side effect: Affected adolescents consume about 18,000 extra calories per year.

Researchers at Cancer Research UK have found in their recent research that if adolescents see additional advertising for fast food on television each week, they are eating about 18,000 more calories a year. The physicians will present the results of their study at this year’s European Congress on Obesity in Vienna.

Parents should note what advertisements children watch on TV
Of course, parents always try to create the best possible conditions for the life and health of their children. Of course, parents also try to avoid that their children develop obesity or obesity. In order to achieve this, parents may even have to consider in the future what their children watch on TV for advertising.

Too much advertising for fast food harms teenagers
The research conducted by Cancer Research UK found that the average teenager on television looks at about six commercials for foods high in fat, sugar or salt over a seven-day period, which he later recalls. However, if the teenagers remember seven such ads, this already favors an unhealthy diet.

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