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Beware of These Early Warning Signs

Exhausted, overwhelmed with job and private life, burned out – that’s how many people who suffer from a burn-out feel. Certain signs indicate early on that body and psyche are overloaded
The term “burnout” comes from the English language and stands for “burning out”. People who suffer from burnout experience a state of intense emotional and physical exhaustion. This is triggered above all by chronic overstrain, both at work and in private life. It is estimated that up to 13 million workers in Germany are affected by a burnout.

Typical symptoms include persistent fatigue, declining performance, social withdrawal, and a feeling many sufferers describe as “inner emptiness.” “In order not to get into this condition at all, it is important to observe yourself regularly,” recommends Jacob Drachenberg, Trainer for Healthy Stress Management. “How do I feel? Am I stressed, possibly overwhelmed? ”

Typical early warning signs for a burnout
“When you have a difficult time that you do not even think about much, that’s a clear sign,” says the psychologist. “That can be private as well as professional. For example, one is in the supermarket and no longer knows where what lies or what exactly should be purchased. Or that in the job a job that’s usually done in ten minutes takes a whole hour. ”

A burn-out is often associated with social withdrawal. “Meeting with friends and family members is no longer a resource from which we draw energy, but a burden,” said Stresstrainer Drachenberg, who also holds workshops in companies. “If beautiful activities suddenly seem exhausting and stressful, then you should become aware.”

After exhausting times, each person needs an individual phase of recovery to recharge his energy stores. “Imagine trying to relax, neither body nor mind actually have anything to do. And yet you can not switch off. This is the first step in the vicious circle. “Who can not recover, has less energy, makes more mistakes, has even more stress, again finds no rest. In order not to get into this cycle, pay attention to the following early warning signs:

  • Difficulties to make simple decisions
  • Long pondering without finding a solution
  • Have less time for own needs, e.g. Sports, hobbies
  • Feeling unable to switch off
  • Sleep problems
  • Conspicuous eating behavior
  • Increased tobacco and alcohol consumption
  • A Headache
  • Back pain
  • Tension
  • Choking feeling in the chest

“It’s not easy to spot such early warning signs with yourself. Especially if you are already partially burned out, “says Drachenberg. The stress expert has developed a method to activate and simplify self-awareness. “With the TrackMyDay system, you can observe your behavior and your emotional world for 30 days and document both with 25 parameters,” explains Drachenberg. “When performance and mood sink, that’s clear.”

Anyone who discovers early warning signs should not hesitate to act. “If a warning light flashes on our car, we will send it to the workshop immediately. If, on the other hand, our mental and physical distress signals light up, we often resort to provisional solutions, such as alcohol, headache tablets or energy drinks, “reminds Drachenberg. “But the problems do not disappear as a result.” He explains more about early warning signs in a podcast episode.

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