Does water help you lose weight? Myths and truths

How much do you strive to lose weight? Are you getting the results you want? Do you think you’re drinking enough water? This time we will talk about how water helps you lose weight. You will discover that it not only keeps your body hydrated and your organs balanced. It also promotes weight loss and […]

Natural Ways To Beat Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disease of genetic origin that can be aggravated by different factors, so it is important to know some remedies to calm your symptoms. Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease that is very difficult to treat and usually worsens with age. Any factor can be the trigger of an outbreak or aggravation […]

The Best Methods for Bright Teeth

At home or at the dentist – the most diverse bleaching methods promise a radiant smile. Which treatment suits you best and which procedures keep their promise… Content What is whitening? How does bleaching work? Teeth bleach at the dentist Whitening methods Teeth bleach at home Whitening methods How long does the effect last? Bleaching: […]

Return in the Dining-Everyday

Fasting is hard work. But it pays off, for example, blood values ​​improve. Five tips to stay in everyday life and not fall back into old eating habits content 1. Reduce sugar 2. Reduce stress 3. Only eat when hungry 4. Imitate fasting 5. Everyday fasting Fasting is about strictly cutting calorie intake – 50 […]

Beware of These Early Warning Signs

Exhausted, overwhelmed with job and private life, burned out – that’s how many people who suffer from a burn-out feel. Certain signs indicate early on that body and psyche are overloaded The term “burnout” comes from the English language and stands for “burning out”. People who suffer from burnout experience a state of intense emotional […]

When choosing Food, save Calories

Losing weight without giving up? Those who pay attention to the energy density of the food consumed can easily save calories without severely limiting their eating habits. Popular dishes in direct comparison If you want to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you eat. So the well-known credo of nutritional medicine. Low-energy […]

Beware of Germs in Ice Cream

In summer temperatures lure ice cream and ice cubes. Proper handling of the food is important because even cold foods can be germ-laden and cause stomach ache. When the sun is burning, most people long for a bit of cooling off. Be it a cool drink with ice cubes clinking or a portion of ice […]

The Right Skin Care Products

Activated carbon or bee venom – the cosmetics industry advertises with ever new additives that are supposed to rejuvenate the skin. Their effect is often controversial. What you should trust – and what not It is a fingernail-sized dollop of cream that is often sufficient to turn stress into relaxation or fatigue into new energy. […]